My name is Sam, obviously. I am 24 years old. I am a Scorpio. I live in Brighton, England. I LOVE METAL, mainly Thrash. I have a handful of favourite bands including Exodus, Overkill, Iced Earth, 3 Inches of Blood, Lamb of God, The Black Dahlia Murder, Municipal Waste and Hatebreed. I'm an artist although I'm not making any money off it yet. I love animals. I am recovering from Stage 4 cancer and I have a brain injury, feel free to ask me about that if you like.



    Deicide - Satan Spawn, The Caco Daemon

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    Why do people sexualize boobs when we could be doing this with them

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    propertyofsteventyler said: omg i read all your thingy yay i reblogged the number thing too, so you should ask me some as I have done all my university work like a good gurl.

    Sent some! & well done, now you can relax and listen to music… oh wait, you always do that… but now you can do it more!


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  6.   Forgot how good this album is

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    Forgot how good this album is


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    AGNOSTIC FRONT - “Gotta Go”

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Best rims ever.

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    Best rims ever.

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    "I promise to myself, never to be broken"

    Four days to see them live

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Best band ever. Fuck you. #hatebreed

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    Best band ever. Fuck you. #hatebreed

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    propertyofsteventyler said: sam sam saaam do all the even numbers on that thingy (because that will keep you entertained 5ever)


    I don’t really take selfies but here’s an old one

    2. 23
    3. 13th November
    4. Scorpio
    5. Green I guess
    6. Haven’t got one
    7. My cat Lily and Attila the Hungarian Viszla
    9. roughly 5 ft 6/7
    10. 6/7
    11. Trainers and Doc Martens
    12. I can never remember but recently all my dreams have been in the same places
    13. Artistic ones apparently
    14. I wish I was!
    15. Hard one but Catch The Rainbow
    16. City of God
    17. Someone who has good taste in music, that I can have fun with/makes me laugh and someone with the patience to put up with me lol
    18. Maybe, hard to tell at this stage in life
    19. Probably not
    20. No
    21. Countless times unfortunately
    22. I got caught drinking Lambrini with mates a few years ago by the LAPD
    23. Chris Eubank and famous musicians/bands I like
    24. Showers
    25. Black
    26. Nope
    27. Maybe
    28. METAL
    29. Nah
    30. 2
    31. Upright
    32. Could be bigger
    33. TOAST
    34. Nope
    35. Years ago
    36. “Dude”
    37. Shit or Cunt
    38. Several days
    39. Many, the biggest one being on my head
    40. I assume most people have
    41. I can be but I’d rather be honest
    42. I don’t think I am, I’ve put my trust in many people I shouldn’t have over the years
    43. Only bad impersonations of accents
    44. I don’t know
    45. Irish
    46. Retarded
    47. My leather Overkill waistcoat
    48. I thought everyone can…
    49. Innie
    50. Right handed
    51. Yeah lol but not the tiny baby ones, they are cute
    52. Seafood or steak and chips!
    53. Chinese take-away, noodles and stuff
    54. Probably messy
    55. I don’t really notice these things
    56. Same as above
    57. A while
    58. Maybe
    59. Depends
    60. Nah
    61. Nah
    62. Nah
    63. Coming down with cancer again
    64. I can gossip a bit
    65. Cba to think
    66. Long
    67. Nope
    68. Art
    69. I keep a lot of personal stuff to myself but I also like to socialize
    70. Nope
    71. Being late to gigs lol
    72. Nope
    73. If I need to
    74. Very
    75. Probably
    76. Not really
    77. Everyone has
    78. Only a bit of weed a while about
    79. Some girl at school
    80. None
    81. wat?
    82. I can do
    83. Not very
    84. Brown
    85. Brown
    86. Other peoples cats
    87. Nope
    88. My dad used to be a chef, but he quit his job, both my parents look after me
    89. It’s alright
    90. Mates that turn out to be complete cunts
    91. I do!
    92. Batman, Quincy the Pigboy, Bumface, Chickenhawk
    93. A hybrid
    94. Staying strong mentally in bad situations
    95. I’m kinda lazy
    96. My parents gave it to me, cus how else would I get it?
    97. I don’t think so
    98. I already answered this in question 39
    99. Color of your bedspread? White
    100. Color of your room? Red

    God that took ages, and I had to redo it twice due to having to go to art club halfway through doing it and accidently deleting it earlier